Microsoft has recently released the RC1 version of its new Internet Explorer 8 browser.

The new version 5.1.764 of the AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker has included several fixes that deal with issues related to the changes made in this new IE8 browser.

If you do not want to wait for the final release of IE8 (recommended), you may download the latest version of AllWebMenus from (or from your Likno User Area account), install it, recompile your menus and upload to your server the updated menu file AND the –also updated- awmdata folder that contains the libraries – and also the fixes.

We are continuously testing the AllWebMenus application with all updates of the IE8 BETA; however some issues are still present under specific conditions and the Microsoft team is working on resolving them (see a list of IE8 BETA bugs here: )

When the IE8 browser is officially released, these BETA-related issues will not be affecting your menus, unless Microsoft does not fix its own bugs!

Read below how Microsoft treats IE8 and the problems we all may face if action is not taken by Microsoft:

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