We have released new versions of Likno Web Modal Windows Builder: Builds #210 up to #214.

Check out What's New:

- Fixed a case with the "Page Links" population option, where clicking within a modal that opened with "_single" would cause the default multi-sheet modal to appear on top.

- Fixed a case where iframes defined in an "embed" content would always take the full size of the modal window.

- Fixed a case with auto-open/close were values over 32 seconds did not work.

- Added support for specifying the Modal Window width/height as a percentage of the screen size (as well as in pixels).

- Fixed a compatibility issue with the prototype library.

- Now supports Opera 11.

- The Official Internet Explorer 9 has been released and AllWebMenus fully supports it.

- Improved the mouse scrolling in the interface, when this is done through the mouse wheel.

- The interface now uses the new "Microsoft Sans Serif" font, in place of the old "MS Sans Serif" font. With this improvement, no "font replacements" and visual inconsistencies occur anymore (in certain configurations).

You can download the latest version at:


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