Hello! We have released a new version of Likno Web Scroller (jQuery Slider) Builder: Version 1.0 build #122.

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- Created the Microsoft Expression Web 4 Add-in (EW4), so that users of Expression Web 4 can link and position their scrollers inside their pages through this Add-in.

- Added Example 09 (Amazon mockup): Similar scroller to the live scroller used on Amazon (as of October 2, 2012). Use of Navigation Arrows. Use of a "Page Numbers" only Navigation Bar ("Custom"). Use of rounded corners on "Container Area CSS".

HTML jQuery slider scroller Amazon mockup example

- Added the "None" option at the "Initially Selected Item" property, so that the scroller appears with no item in "selected" state.

- Changed the "Initially Selected Item" of "Example 06" to "Random", so that the scroller (slider) shows a random content when it initially appears.

- Improved the "fade" sub-effects to be more visible.

- Fixed a Navigation Bar issue where an extra space was added after the last page number.

- Fixed an issue regarding the Width option "Auto (variable): Different for each item".

- Fixed an issue with loading multiple scroller projects to a page.

- Fixed an issue with the combination of "Automatic Play (slideshow)" & "Step by Item" & "Random".

- Added the ability to insert and use custom values inside the page before the "Linking Code" section in order to override several internal project options.

- Fixed a positioning issue for "Floating" scrollers that used the "Relative to Element" or "Relative to Image" positioning option.

- Fixed an issue with the positioning of Navigation Arrows when they were "Embedded" inside a vertical scroller (jQuery slider).

- Fixed a Safari-related issue where the item separators appeared wider.

- Fixed an issue with the fonts in the Top/Bottom/Left/Right areas.

All features here: http://www.likno.com/jquery-scroller/index.php

Download the new version of our web scroller (jquery slider) builder at http://www.likno.com/jquery-scroller/download.php

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