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Support Case Month: March 2013

HI Kostas,

I purchased the new version, but I am having a problem with the linking.

Is the linking any different when using DIV tags in which I gave an ID to?

Here's what I did...

I got a new menu, made all changes, told it where to store the root folder, compiled the menu, took the ID form the menu position, awmAnchor-menu and placed it in a DIV tag that I gave an ID name of nav_bar <div id="nav_bar" awmAnchor-menu></div>

The menu showed up on my page, but as soon as I added the awmAnchor-menu to my page it never came back.

Here is a link to my test site:


Also, I attached the menu that I saved. It's just a rough copy.

I think I did everything correctly, the only thing that sticks out is that the help files show an ID given to the awmAnchor-menu, <div id="awmAnchor-menu"> &nbsp; </div>

and I gave the DIV that I am placing the menu in and ID name of nav_bar

Should I name the DIV awmAnchor-menu, and if so where do you place the awmAnchor-menu in the DIV?

Please let me know,

Thanks Again!


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Robert,

The problem is indeed the ID of the DIV where you want to put the menu.

You need to do one of the following two things:

1) Leave the AllWebMenus Positioning as it is, and change the DIV in your page from:

  <div id="nav_bar" awmAnchor-menu></div>


  <div id="awmAnchor-menu"></div>


2) Leave the DIV in your page with its current ID (but cleanup the “awmAnchor” part):

  <div id="nav_bar" ></div>

and change the AllWebMenus Positioning to use this DIV instead:

menu positioning settings

Best Regards,


Likno Customer Support

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Reply From: Robert

Hi Kostas,

Thank You! Works Perfect!

I read about that but then I recall it recommended to keep it the same.

Anyway, it works!

Thanks Again!


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