If you are one of the unfortunate cases that have lost the source file of your menu (i.e. the .awm file), we now come to the rescue!

Provided that you do have the compiled javascript menu file (menu.js) somewhere online or offline, we offer a "partial reconstruction" service to get the Menu Structure of your project into a new project file (.awm).

This is a manual process and costs $129, provided that the size of the menu is not too large.

Contact us if you wish to use this service.

Important Note:

This service recreates manually only the Menu Structure (the tree structure of items and groups), NOT the Style Properties. After you receive the reconstructed project from us, you will have to re-specify the style properties yourself to make your menu look as before.

Depending on your menu appearance (if you use customized styles for specific items or just the global Style Editor styles) you will gain about 80% of your time compared to re-designing the entire menu from scratch.

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