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Support Case Month: June 2012

I have been using your software and have worked many hours to build my own MEGA DROP DOWN menu.  I have gotten it to appear fine in IE9, but I am having trouble with the submenus in GOOGLE CHROME and FIREFOX.  Sometimes the drop down menus do not show the white background so that the text in those menus shows up easily...if I reload the page after it loads the first time, it does show properly.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Just before the submenu opens for the first time it tries to calculate the width/height it should take.

The HTML you entered has a lot of images without specified width/height, so when it opens it becomes a given size that fits the text. Then the images load and push the text down, but the submenu cannot re-adjust itself.

If you view the page again, then the images are already cached and hence appear instantly and can be properly measured.

There are two solutions for this:

1) Specify the width/height for each image.

2) Specify the width/height of the <table> container of each submenu.

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Thank you!  That was very helpful and exactly what fixed it!!!!

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