As Jakob Nielsen (the "king of usability") says in his article on mega drop-down menus usability, mega menus have the following characteristics:

- Big, two-dimensional panels divided into groups of navigation option

- Navigation choices structured through layout, typography, and (sometimes) icons

- Everything visible at once, no scrolling

- Vertical or horizontal form factors when activated from top navigation bars; when activated from left-hand navigation, they might appear as mega fly-outs.

Visit our examples page to view 2 mega menu examples, which are  simple variations of the vertical mega drop-down menus used at and

Mega Drop-Down Menu

Mega CSS Menu

So, how is a mega drop-down menu created using AllWebMenus?

This is easy!

- Add a single item only on each submenu of the Main Menu items

- Use the "HTML - Full Mode" value at the "Text" property of that submenu items

- Add any content you like to the "Text" property (tables, divs, links, text, images, etc.) using simple HTML

Visit our examples page to see these 2 mega menu examples in action and download their AllWebMenus projects!

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