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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: MegaMenu not being displayed on Safari browsers
Support Case Month: July 2012

I'm using AllWebMenus on a new version of my site (I really love your program!). All is was well until I was in an Apple store and noticed that the menu doesn't appear at all when the site is viewed on any Safari browser: not on the Mac, iPad or even Safari running on Windows.

I've tried eliminating all z-index settings, removing graphics and changing the position of the menu but nothing worked. The menu does display really well in IE, FireFox and Chrome - all on Windows, and on Chrome on the Android OS.

The test website is at
Any ideas on what I should try next?



Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Dexter,

version of AllWebMenus

It appears that the menu on your website was compiled with an *old* version of AllWebMenus (see “release history” here: ).

You need to update/upgrade your AllWebMenus and re-compile/re-upload your menu files, as the *old* compiled menu cannot support the latest browsers and standards. Some browser versions did not even exist by that time (e.g. IE9 was officially released in March 2011).


- Login to your Likno User Area at

- Click the "View/Manage Licenses and Plans":

view manage menu licenses

- See there if your Update Plan has expired or not.

            If "expired" then click the "Renew" link and renew your Update Plan.

- Download the current Version (Build) ( ) and install it.

- In your Likno User Area, click the "Get Activation Code" link and get a new Activation Code for this updated installation:

get activation code

- Open your old project file (.awm) in AllWebMenus, re-compile it and then upload the new menu files (along with the "awmdata" folder) to your website.

Note that you may need to delete your browser’s Temporary Internet Files (or cache files) before refreshing the page in order to see the menu.

Likno Customer Support
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