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Initial Email Subject: Menu over contact box
Support Case Month: August 2012

Hi Kostas,

You had asked for a live link to show you what I mean about the Menu going OVER the contact box or Download Box.

Please click on this link. I hope this will help. (Any image in the Gallery section would work)... Then click on the yellow Download Button - and you will "see" what I mean:

The Menu goes over the box which is fairly high on the page. How do I get the menu behind this box, but still visible as the main navigation?

Hope this makes sense and thank you so much for all the help and your good works.

Best regards,

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Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Karen,

It appears that you need to set the "Z-Index" property to a value lower than the "z-index" used by the modal window. I believe that the z-index of the modal window script is set to "999" and the menu is "1002" (but I am not sure if these are your actual values). If that is the case, then please lower the "Z-Index" property value to "900" (for example) and it should work. This property is found inside the "Global Properties" of the Main Menu.

Likno Customer Support
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