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Initial Email Subject: AllWebMenus too wide in IE
Support Case Month: June 2012

I prefer to use Firefox but some visitors use IE. I just noticed that my menus are MUCH TOO WIDE in IE but they are fine in Firefox, Safari, Opera. I tried recompiling the menus but no luck. Before pulling my hair out, I thought I would ask you what the problem might be. Any thoughts?

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I checked your page and saw the problem. I created a local test-page from your own page, and noticed that the problem is only visible when you do not have a valid DOCTYPE in your page.

When you do not have a valid DOCTYPE in your page, then IE automatically falls into “quirks mode”, which is essentially IE5.5 Compatibility Mode. Adding a proper DOCTYPE in your page will fix this issue (and others you may see in IE).

However, the menu should be able to work even in quirks mode. Can you please export and send me the menu project so that we can further investigate this?

export menu project

Likno Customer Support
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