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Initial Email Subject: Font line spacing is inconsistant
Support Case Month: October 2012

OK, I'm probably pushing my luck, but...

I made a menu button that has a smaller font so I could put two lines on the button. In the menu program it looks great. But, when I compile and view it in Firefox (which is what I mostly use), the line spacing is greater and the text is pushed out to the edges of the button. However, it does look better in IE, Chrome & Opera.
Any ideas on how I can affect the output in just Firefox?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


I checked your menu and I did not see any differences between Firefox and other browsers! The two-line button seems fine in all the browsers I tried.

If you still see the problem, please send me a screenshot of what you see, and also a screenshot of the “about box” of your browser, so that we can further look into this.

In order to fix the problem on your side, you can set this item as HTML and change its content to:

<span style="line-height: XXXpx;">CHARITIES<br>NON-PROFITS</span>

(of course change “XXXpx;” to whatever line-height you want, e.g. “14px;”)

Whatever you set here should work for all browsers.

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Reply From: Steve

I thought about adding the line spacing parameter but, I was concerned that it would make the other browser spacings too tight.

It didn't and looks the same now.



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