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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: Menu updated but doesn't show 
Support Case Month: December 2012

Help -  updated linking code, checked page position anchor, checked paths, verified files are present.  Menu displays properly in software but doesn't work on test server or production server.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

I see what is wrong now, it does not have to do with positioning but with this one:

populate menu inside the project

You chose the UL/LI population method and no "UL/LI" structure is found within your page, so the menu shows nothing.

Either create a UL/LI structure (see help how) OR change this option to the 1st one (most likely this is what you want to have).

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Jerry

Success, thanks so much.....I don't know why that got changed but everything is working appropriately now.

Thanks for the help.


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