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Initial Email Subject: Menus and iPad
Support Case Month: February 2013

My client's website that uses menus created from AllWebMenus v 5.3 are not working in Internet Explorer as a rule and attempts on an iPad don't seem to work no matter what browser is tried.

I did notice that the software says V53. Build 884 and in my test folder one of the awmdata files says build 818 in it.

Any issues with iPads showing your menus?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


Build 884 does support all the latest browsers and mobile phones. However, build 818 is much older and indeed does not support IE9+ or Safari 5.

Moreover, if you have your menu (“menu.js”) compiled with one version and the libraries (“awmdata” folder) with another, this can cause conflicts.

My recommendation is that you Compile your menu(s) with the latest AllWebMenus version and make sure that you upload both the menu and library files.

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Likno Customer Support
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