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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: Menu Not Opening 
Support Case Month: November 2012

Below the main photo is a menu titled "Arlington Pets". In Internet Explorer it does not expand. Both Chrome and Firefox renders the menu properly.

Appreciate your assistance...


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Tim,

This is a typical IE error when the menu-linking code is placed within page tags and not immediately after the <BODY> tag (as it should be).

In your case, the menu-linking code is somewhere within the page.

menu linking code

You have 2 solutions:

1.  Transfer that menu-linking code under the <body> tag.

2.  If you have to have it there (due to web editor restrictions for example) then your other solution is to have the following option selected in the Project Properties:

menu linking code within tags

Best Regards,
Aris Filokostas
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Tim

Hello Aris,

I opted for solution #2 and I'm happy to say that the new menu is working perfectly...where ever I position it.

Thanks for your help.

Best of days to you,

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