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Initial Email Subject: link not working in sliding menu
Support Case Month: June 2012

I have been building a vertical sliding menu with allwebmenupros... the problem I having is if you go to the page listed and click the support button on the left side menu it pulls down the menu below it but it should also be opening another page, right now it just opens its sub menu and the link to the page doesnt work.

I seem to have this problem whenever I try to open a web page and pull down a sub menu at the same time.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Ed,

I did click there (and other links too) and I see that they open pages. They do not show a submenu. So, I do not see what you describe, unless you changes any setting meanwhile.

Also, did you try these options?

ignore the link value menu option

You can do any combination you like with them.

This is the related HELP TOPIC:

- Concerning the "Ignore the <Link> value of parent items" option:

This option is by default checked.

It is useful when you want to show a sliding submenu when clicking on its parent item, but this item has a page link on its Link property.

If you do not ignore the <Link> value, the "click" action will result in opening the new page (and therefore moving away from your current page).

If you wish to have this result (combining it with the "Remember the menu state" option), then uncheck this option.

Best Regards,
Aris Filokostas
Likno Customer Support
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