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Initial Email Subject: Issue with AllWebMenus and WordPress
Support Case Month: May 2013

Hi, there.  I'm having an issue with AllWebMenus and WordPress of which I cannot figure out.

I have a working menu built in AllWebMenus and I've linked it to my WordPress site. 

For the AWM plugin settings in WordPress I've set my Menu Type to "Dynamic" and I've created a Menu in the WP dashboard and assigned that menu in the AWM plugin settings.

I've pasted the Menu Structure Code generated by the plugin into desktop application.

Basically everything is working fine, in that I see my menu, my menu is truly dynamic, and I can add menu items in WordPress and they appear as expected.

My issue has to do with the background images I'm using for my menu items.

All of my menu items have the same background image, except for three of them.

In the desktop app in the style editor I've given my menu items Main Items Style this background image:  "tab.png".

And that works.

main menu item background image

But for the three items that I want to have a different background image, I've selected "custom values" on the Menu Editor side, and assigned a background image of "tab-arrow.png" to those three buttons, like this:

menu item specific background image

In the app Menu Preview the graphic looks correct, in that for those three buttons it shows the alternate background image.

However when I compile my menu, go back to WordPress and import it, my buttons that have a different background image assigned to them never show the alternate background image.  They will only show the background image assigned to the Main Items Style group.

Here is how it should look (notice that Articles, Products & Programs, and Services have a different graphic with an arrow):


And this is how it compiles and imports into WordPress (graphic does not appear.:


Anyway, I hope that makes sense.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?



Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Randy,

I am afraid that customizations are not supported when you are using a dynamic WordPress menu. As you already found out, any customizations that you use will simply be ignored online. This is because the menu cannot be certain that the item you see locally will indeed exist online.

Still, if I understand correctly, these are the only items that have a submenu, right? If so, then you can add your extra image as a “has submenu” image, which is a standard style option and will be applied to items that indeed have a submenu:

has submenu image

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Randy

That worked perfectly. 

Thanks again.


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