Here you can read about an interesting Use Case of a feature of AllWebMenus, that is actually utilized on our own website (as of May 2012).

If you visit any page of our website ( for example) you will notice that apart from the menu, the following likno "controls" also exist there:

1. A Likno Tooltip, which appears when placing the mouse over any image (icon) of the "See Also" section (at the top part of the page):


2. A Likno Accordion, which is actually that "See Also" section (the icons are the accordion "headers" that open sequentially, while the product names are their related accordion "bodies").

So, there are 2 Likno Projects on that page, one Tooltip Project (created with our Likno Web Tooltips Builder) and one Accordion Project (created with our Likno Web Accordion Builder).

But if you view the "Page Source" on any page you will not find any "linking code" for those Projects, so how are they still functional?

The answer is that both of these projects have been "declared" inside AllWebMenus on our website's main menu project, at the "Link & Run Other Likno Projects" feature.


Therefore, since this menu runs on almost every page of our website, that Tooltip and that Accordion also runs on the same pages without any need for you to explicitly add their "linking code" to those pages!

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