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Initial Email Subject: 404 errors after compiling
Support Case Month: July 2012

When compiling the menu for site I am receiving 404 errors when selecting one of the menu picks.  Before compiling I set the Site Root to C:\\Users\\MikePC\\Documents\\My Webs\\bucband .  Now when I compile the menu and copy the menu2.js file up to the domain host, I end up getting 404 errors.  When I select a menu link, instead of getting (for example) , I get instead: .  When I revert back to a previously generated menu I don't get this problem.

Appears that there is a relative versus absolute referencing problem here.  Can you suggest a solution ?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


When you changed the Site Root, you were asked if you wanted to “correct” the links. You pressed yes, and the application assumed that the Site Root was also changed online, which was not true I guess.

Currently your links point to the wrong direction. For example your “announcements” link points to:

../../../../Mike/Documents/My Webs/bucband/upload/announcements.shtml

When it should be pointing to:


You need to correct this in AllWebMenus. If you have a copy saved before the Root Folder change, it would save you some time. Note that you may also find such an automatic backup under:

"c:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Likno Software\AllWebMenus\AutoBackup\.."

Alternatively, I would suggest that you use the “External Multi Editing” tool in order to mass-edit your links in Excel and save time.

menu external multi editing option

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