In this post we show how you can position your menu to your WordPress site/blog using AllWebMenus Pro and AllWebMenus WordPress Plugin.

Assuming that you have already installed AllWebMenus WordPress Plugin to your WordPress site/blog, let’s see how you can position your menu.

Step 1: Go to Plugins –> Installed Plugins 

Installed Plugins in WordPress

Step 2: In your Installed Plugins you will AllWebMenus WordPress Menu Plugin, click on Settings.

AllWebMenus WordPress Menu Plugin settings

Step 3: On Menu Positioning Method you have the following choices:

AllWebMenus WordPress menu positioning methods

Custom position: you can choose custom position in cases that you need to position your menu relative to an existing element/image in your page or in case you want it to a specific place.
If you choose custom position make sure that you set the related positioning properties in your AllWebMenus (application).
You need to set your menu positioning relative to an element that already exists in your page or if you set it relative to an element that is not currently in your page, make sure to add it.

Menu positioning relative to an element

Note that you can also leave the default menu positioning in your AllWebMenus (which is relative to Window), so the menu will appear relative to window.

Widget: you can choose the widget menu positioning method in case you want the menu to appear in your themes sidebar. If you choose this method, you don’t need to make any menu positioning changes in AllWebMenus (application) as AllWebMenus is going to take control of this.
This option requires you to go to Appearance –> Widgets

WordPress Widgets

In the Inactive Widgets you will find a widget called AllWebMenus: {your menu name}, Drag this from Inactive Widgets

WordPress AllWebMenus inactive widget

and Drop it where you want it to appear.

AllWebMenus WordPress active widget

Theme Menu Location: In this method you will usually see the “Theme Menu Location: primary…” and in some cases if the theme supports it you may see the “Theme Menu Location: secondary”. These are the predefined menu positions that your theme provides.
In case, you select the Theme Menu Location method you don’t need to change anything according to menu positioning in AllWebMenus, as the application is going to take control of that.

The above is only part of the menu positioning, you need to follow all the steps in order to create a menu for your WordPress site/blog. You can find all the instructions here:

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