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Initial Email Subject: Internet Explorer V10 menus
Support Case Month: March 2013

I have just installed Internet Explorer 10. Now the menus on my web site are distorted. Horizontal menu s are one word wide with multiple words on new lines; vertical menus are the same. Also, inserted horizontal lines are double in width.The problems go away when I toggle the Compatible View icon so that it's set for older browsers, but I don't want visitors to have to do this.What can I do to set AllWebMenus so that visitors will see the that are correct for the Compatible View to which they have set their pages when they open a new page?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


This happens because you do not have a valid DOCTYPE in your pages. You should know that IE10 is pretty strict regarding this. When the DOCTYPE is missing, IE falls in the so called “quirks mode” which is essentially IE5.5 Compatibility Mode. This causes the problems you see in the menu.

To fix this problem (and more), please add the following line at the top of each of your pages:

<!DOCTYPE html>

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