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Initial Email Subject: Menu spreading
Support Case Month: July 2012


I use Likno on several web sites with a perfect score of success.  I just love that application.

I finished a web site yesterday and a friend, who tried it, have a problem.  The menu spread and take all the width of the screen, as you can see on the photo attached, and hide the web site itself.  Can you tell me what I must correct?



Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Yves,

Last week we discovered a minor bug that could cause this in IE in some cases and we have already issues a fix for this.

Please download the latest AllWebMenus, re-compile your project and upload the new compiled files. Let me know if this fixed the problem.

Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Yves


Sorry, I forgot to write back…  It works perfectly.  Thanks!


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