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Initial Email Subject: Web Modal Windows Builder - Auto close the modal window 
Support Case Month: March 2013

Would it be possible to setup in the application to either auto close the modal window after the specified # of seconds otherwise the user can click the Close icon before # of seconds elapsed?

I mean that it needs to work with "Make certain links/forms in page open in this window". Basically the link runs a php script with a dynamic id value (favorites.php?action=add&id=#) and returns a result message (error/success/login) in the modal window as an alert. I want this modal window to dismiss automatically after 5 seconds or the user can click on the close icon.

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hmmm… this is not officially supported, however you can do this with custom code.

Specifically you can add some JavaScript code to call the “close” command after 5 seconds. If the Modal is already closed, nothing will happen.

On your link try adding something like:

<a … onclick="setTimeout(function () {likno_modal_project.close();},5000);">

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Perfect! Thank you

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