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Support Case Month: October 2012

My support/upgrade insurance for Modal lapsed, but I am interested in upgrading, but had a question about the positioning feature in 248.

I am using modal in an intranet application where the page the modal is on is in an iFrame.  Currently the modal is locked inside of the iFrame, but with this new feature I am assuming it will be possible for the Modal to "break out" of the frame and be relative to the browser?  If you can confirm this for me I'll be upgrading today!

Thanks as always.

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We did implement a “break out of frames” feature, but you have to keep in mind that this is not possible in all cases and all browsers.

Specifically, the page in the iFrame and the parent page need to be from the *exact* same domain. Note that even “” and “” will be considered different and it will not work. The reason is that this is blocked by all browsers as a possible security threat. Also this may not work if your pages are “https”.

If the pages come from the same domain and it is not “https”, then this feature should work in most recent browsers (with the possible exception of specific versions of the Opera browser).

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