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I have an application which uses a master page for a horizontal menu.  Each menu item will open a child page that contains a vertical menu on the right.  Can AllWebMenus have a menu on a master page and a different one on a child page.  Each child page will have its own menu which will be different from the menus on the other child pages.

One horizontal menu on site.master.

One vertical menu on each child page:  government.aspx will have the menu items "Certrification", "Contracting", and "Performance"

services.aspx will have 5 different menu items

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Yes you can have different “right” menus on each page. There are two ways to do this:

1) Create a different menu for each page and link each one to the corresponding page.

2) Create a single UL/LI menu that you will link to the master (or template) page, and have a different UL/LI structure in each child page.

For more details on how the UL/LI menus work , please read the related Help article:

multiple vertical menus

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