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Initial Email Subject: Dreamweaver CS6
Support Case Month: October 2012


I have an interesting problem. I just upgraded to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and when I update a menu change, each time I click anywhere I get another update request and soon I have a desktop full of requests to update the menu. It seems there is a loop going on between Dreamweaver CS6 and AllWebMenus 5. I have to force shut down the programs to end the loop. I cannot use AllWebMenus this way. Is there a compatibility issue with CS6?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


This is very weird indeed. We do not have any similar complaints from any of our customers.

Does this happen even with the latest AllWebMenus application and Dreamweaver plugin?

Can you send me a screenshot of the problem? Also please send me screenshots of the AllWebMenus "about" box and of the plugin info clearly showing the version in both cases.

Then you can try installing the latest versions of both the application and plugin to see if this fixes the problem.

Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Max

Thanks but I figured it out. My computer must have hi occupied because after a restart it was fine.


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