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Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: photoframe
Support Case Month: July 2012

I purchased this program 09/09/2006

However, it does not recognize the activation code I already have.

I understand you have upgraded and I don’t care about that I like the older more user friendly version.

I want to use that one again.

Also, I don’t use it all the time so I don’t need the upgrade.

How can you fix this to accept my code?

I have this installed on my computer but it does not accept my code.

This was purchased through Likno.Com.

Please respond!

Thank You!


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Marsha,

I am afraid that this is not possible! The old version has been dropped since 2008 and now there is no way to restore it or create new Activation Codes for the old version.

You will have to use the new version which you can get for free with the license you already own.

What you need to do is to download the new version from here:

There is a help page to help you get started with the new interface here:

And also some info on how to access your old frames:

Note: the new version does not require an Activation, you just have to log into the application using your User Area login/password.

Likno Customer Support
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