We wanted to inform you that we have released new versions of the Likno Web Modal Windows builder - versions 2.0 Build #202 and #204.

Check out What's New in these versions:

- Fixed an issue where cookies for the "Open on Page Load" feature were removed when closing the browser.

- Added the "Auto Resize" feature that automatically resizes the modal window as the browser window gets resized.

- Added a "change" button for the "Site Root folder" in the "post-compile" screen.

- Added the "positioning: fixed;" feature to the "Overlay" and "Container". In IE quirks mode it falls back to "absolute" (depending on the page doctype being used).

- Added the automatic "break out" of frames feature for links opening modal windows from within frames or iframes.

- Fixed an issue were Opera could load a modal window multiple times, when particular conditions were met.

- Fixed an issue where the "Page Links" feature was functional only if the default project name was used.

- Fixed an issue with the activation process when requesting for admin rights.

You can download the latest version at:


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