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Initial Email Subject:  video for modal window
Support Case Month: April 2012

I am trying to embed a video into the page as you describe doing, but I can't get it to work. Instead, I either get google's home page, your video, or the link to open in a new window.

To see my list of files, remove test.html from the url.

Oh and each time I go to make a change, I get to the point where the "add links" files window pops up, then when I click ok, I get run time error 10 message and I have to open the program again and start over.

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Reply From: Likno Customer Support


First of all, I saw that you have the following page in your link:

Going to this page, I did not see the video work. There must be something wrong in the video or your code. In any case, if it does not work directly in the page, it will not work within the modal.

Then I see that you have set the link to have “target='Modal_Window_1_single'”. In order for this to work, in the application you must have the “page links” option selected:

modal window page links

Finally, in the “A-team” file, you are not properly closing the </body> and </html> tags:

not proper closing of html tags

This is not causing any problems – it is just bad HTML.

Let me know if you try the above and need more help.

Likno Customer Support
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