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Support Case Month: October 2012

I've had no problems with the sticky menu.... meaning that the menu shows the link of the page loaded until navigated away from it.

I experimented with the "Show Item or Group on Appear" because I wanted to see if I could have the menu expand completely on page load and highlight the page selected instead of having the sliding feature because my menu selection is so short with only 3 items. However, that did not work the way I wanted so I deselected all in that attribute. However, once I reverted the sticky menu does not work. Just my 3 navigation buttons appear on every page instead the menu staying open to the highlighted page. Can you help?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Sharena,

Are you talking about the sliding menu on the left side? The “Sticky” is not relevant with what you describe. This is a feature that only applies to drop-down menus; not sliding ones.

I believe that what you were previously using was the sliding menu feature “Remember State”:

menu type

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