Through the Responsive Menu feature you can specify the menu to show a different version of itself  depending on screen size (width). This is very useful when your website uses a responsive web design (RWD) layout.

Each different responsive menu version of the same menu project may have different content, styling or page positioning (at any combination).


Open the "Responsive Menu" property found in "Global Properties"…

Responsive Menu property


...and select "Yes" along with the number of responsive menus that the loaded menu project should use.

Responsive Menu property UI


A listbox will then appear at the right side of the toolbar:

Responsive Menu property menu


Through this listbox, you can always select a different "Version" of your menu project (other than the regular "Version 1") to edit. All properties then refer to that particular version of the menu (except of some compile properties that refer to the entire project as a whole). You may then edit these properties to change the content, style or positioning values of that version.You can use the "Copy" and "Paste" functionality on the Structure or Styles among the different versions.

Note that some restrictions apply on this feature:

- You cannot have "responsive menus" when your menu project is of the CSS Menu Genre (to be implemented).
- You cannot have "responsive menus" when your menu project uses the "UL/LI" population method (to be implemented).
- You cannot have "responsive menus" when your menu project uses the "Cross-frame support" feature.

Note that we have more ideas to implement later on this feature (like use of a "combo box" as the smallest responsive menu version, more options to make the "copy & paste" easier between the different menu versions, etc.). Let us know your ideas too!

Click here to view a "Responsive Menu Example" online.

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