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Initial Email Subject: Web Scroller does not show up in Firefox
Support Case Month: October 2012

I am adding a Web Scroller to my business's web site, . Right now the scroller is not on the main web site, but I've uploaded a version of the front page with it at . The scroller works very well in Internet Explorer 8, but in Firefox 2 it refuses to show up. The page number buttons and the left/right arrows are the only parts of the scroller that display in Firefox. I use a UL/LI structure to populate my scroller. This computer does not have any other browsers. I have not tested more recent versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer or any version of Chrome or Safari.

I tried many things. I removed a Facebook link button with broken code and replaced it with a simple HTML image link. I tried removing the table code around the scroller. I tried populating it with DIVs instead of UL/LI. Finally, I clicked on Error Console in Firefox and it told me "scrollit_r2l is not defined", so I removed the code  onLoad="timerONE=window.setTimeout('scrollit_r2l(100)',500);" from the <body> tag. It still did not work, so I put it back in. Internet Explorer's script debugger says there's an object expected in line 1 character 1. How can I get the scroller to work in Firefox 2? Thank you for your help.

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Are you sure you are looking at Firefox 2? I am asking because this is an extremely old version of Firefox (which is now on version 16!) and no one is using it any more.

If you are indeed using Firefox 2, then I guess it is possible that some things do not work as Firefox was still pretty buggy back then… In all recent versions of Firefox however, I did not see any problems.

To be frank, I do not know if we even can find Firefox 2 anywhere anymore in order to test it.

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