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l Email Subject: WebScroller 2.0.130
Support Case Month: April 2013


I recently installed LiknoWebScroller 2.0.130 to take full advantage of the WYSWYG CSS editor just to discover that I am having issues that I never had before in the 1.0.124 version of this app.

If you go to {URL REMOVED} the scroller on this page is made with version 1.0.124 build and has no issues. To test it, on this page I have a menu created with Likno AllWebMenus menu (5.3 Build #908). On the main menu, under the "The Club", select "Website Administration" option and you will presented with a modal window asking for your username/password combination.

Now, after installing version 2.0.130 and recompiling the same scroller (under a different project directory), if you go to {URL REMOVED}, and try accessing the same Website Administration page, you are not getting ANYTHING, unless you go first to different pages, come back to this {URL REMOVED} and it may eventually work this time around.

With the new 2.0.130 the same behavior applies to the top right side menu (Member Login, Contact Us, Search PVTC.CA) that calls three different Modal Windows (all 3 work with the older version, but do not work with 2.0.130)

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank you

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Adrian,

Actually this is a problem of the Modal Window. The problem is the new Scroller comes with the latest jQuery engine (1.9.1) but the Modal Windows version you have (254.3) did not support this version. As a matter of fact there was a minor version released about 10 days later (254.4) which does support jQuery 1.9.1.

Please try downloading the latest Modal Windows software from our site and let me know if this corrected the problem.

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Adrian

Hi Kostas

Thank you for looking into this issue.

After downloading the latest Modal version, everything seems to be back to normal. Tested on 5 different browsers and all is perfect.

Thank you again

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