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Initial Email Subject: SEO Visibility
Support Case Month: February 2013

Hi .. am using All Web Menus Pro 5.3   Are the search engines able to read it?  

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


The standard AllWebMenus menu has all its content within the JavaScript files, so search engines that are not able to access JS files will not see it.

There are two tricks you can do to increase your SEO:

First you can create a “sitemap” page (AllWebMenus will generate it automatically for you). If you link this page to your index page (even as a link not noticeable to the human eye) the search engine crawlers will follow it and discover all the menu links. To do this, have a look under “Tools->Create Sitemaps”.

Second, you can turn your menu into a UL/LI menu. This means that you will have to insert the menu content into every single page (the same way you would do with a CSS menu). This of course adds more maintenance, but the menu links are visible in all pages. If you choose this option, we recommend that you use an include file so that you only have to edit the menu content in a single place if you want to change something in the menu in the future.

You can find more details about both methods in the project properties:

SEO menu properties

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Likno Customer Support
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Hi .. 
Thank you so much!  As always!

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