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Initial Email Subject: Question on AWM use on specific WordPress pages
Support Case Month: January 2014

Good morning!

I am responsible for a website (URL REMOVED) that was created for us using WordPress. The site is for the general public to find information on us.

Now we are wanting to add something new—a private section of pages that only our missionaries would access. I know I can hide the pages from the WordPress menu; I’ve done it for a couple pages already. But, is it possible to use an AWM menu on *just* the group of hidden pages? In other words, the general public would only see the WordPress menu for the public pages. Our missionaries, when they would come to the hidden pages, would see a separate AWM menu for just the hidden pages.

Is that possible?

I also support several other websites (see below in my signature) that I’ve created in NOF. I use the NOF “hide from navigation” option to hide the main page, and that allows all the sub-pages below it to also be hidden, but have a menu. I don’t care for the clunkiness of the NOF menus; would AWM allow me to do what I want?

Thanks for your help!

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello User,

Hmm…one idea would be to have 2 menus on your WP site so you can select 2 menus in AWM WP plugin, one that will be for the public areas and one for the admins.

You can set the menu positioning method to "Theme menu location" for example on your AWM WP plugin settings and then you can edit the file that should contain your menu, most probably the header.php file of your template. You could check if a user is logged in then serve the menu that is for logged in users if not then serve the public menu.

You may want to see more info on how to check If a user a logged in: Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Please, let me know how that could work for you.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Aggelos Tsakonas
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