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Initial Email Subject: Cursor showing up on top image 
Support Case Month: December 2012

Not real sure how to explain this, but how do you keep the cursor (hand) from appearing on the top image. For instance on the URL I included, I want the cursor to appear on the image HOME, TESTIMONIALS, and CONTACT US, but I don't want it to appear on the image ABOUT US and SERVICES, but do want it to appear on the drop down menus below the image ABOUT US and SERVICES.
Right now it appears on ABOUT US and SERVICES, but if you tired clicking on those 2 images, it doesn't do anything.
I just want the drop downs to have the cursor appear.
Of course the cursor would show up on HOME, TESTIMONIALS, and CONTACT US, because it needs to there.
Hope that makes sense. Is this even possible?
Thanks, Pat

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Pat,

Don't you have the "Cursor" property set to "Auto"?

menu cursor property

If yes, then this will be done automatically, provided that you have no "Link" value on these 2 items.

Here is the "QUICK HELP" content for the "Cursor" property:

Specifies a different cursor to be shown when the mouse passes over the Item. The "Auto" value displays a "hand" cursor when any of the following properties are not blank (have a value) on their Mouse Click state: <Link>, <Javascript Command>, <Open Modal Window>.

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Pat

Got it, yep …I didn’t have it set correctly.

Thanks so much for your help Smile

Later, Pat…

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