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Initial Email Subject: Question on menu layout
Support Case Month: July 2013

The menu I am working on is actually on the inside pages of the above website.

I am attempting to have a basic horizontal menu with dropdowns.  On the right end of the menu, I want to just have a few icons (facebook, mail, home).  I am attempting to make the size of those buttons, smaller (closer together).  Right now my little icons are spaced at least 112px apart, even though I have set their custom size to at least 30px.

Can the buttons be different sizes within a menu bar?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


When you have a menu set to act as a menubar then all the items will be widened to fit the whole width.

If you want the menu items to keep their width please do the following setting:

"Do not widen items" in  this way it will keep covering the whole width with the background of the menu and will not widen the menu items.

do not widen items in menubar

Thank you!

Aggelos Tsakonas
Likno Customer Support
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