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I'm testing Tabs Builder to see if to purchase or not.  The one feature I'm interested in which I haven't been able to get to work with other tools doesn't appear to work in Tabs Builder either.

Is there something special I need to do to get the Height of the tabs to work with "auto" selected?  It appears its fixed at about 300 pixels.  I can set to fixed and changed pixels and that works.  Its just Auto that doesn't.

My test consists of copying the sample code as my main page and in the project tabs folder the Body Source is set to "External".  I think enter a html document in the page link.  The page resides in same directory as main page.  The page displays except the height of the tab doesn't expand automatically.

Also to test, I didn't dump files to web site, just compiled all in directory and used a browser to open the main file.  Not sure if this matters or not???

using FF 14.0.1

Reply From: Likno Customer Support


When the “source” type is set to “external” then you are actually showing a separate page into an iframe. It is not possible to automatically calculate the size of an external page, hence when you are using “external” and your size is set to “auto”, it is automatically translated to the default size (which is 300px). This is true for all our builders when it comes to “external” content.

If your external page does not contain any code (e.g. if it is plain HMTL and images), then you can try calling it as “Ajax”. This way it is possible to have “auto” size.

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