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Initial Email Subject: AllWebMenusPro Presales Questions
Support Case Month: March 2012

1 - the demos has themes and looks like the Pro comes with many  - are the ones that come with the ones you see in the trial version? It says you can buy other theme packs - are those just over and above what the trial shows or are some in the trial needed to be purchased?

2 - same Q above goes for sliders, there are many in the Pro trial, are the ones in the trial delivered with the Pro purchase, or do you need to buy them separate? If the pro version comes with same as shown in trial I suspect that would be sufficient for me.

3 - I am a bit confused how the menus created actually show up in web pages? are there several options? I couldn’t find out exactly what links would be required. In the past we generated a menu structure then copied it to every page, which was ok but we've got tons of pages thousands and changing one thing was an effort.

Thank you,


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Peter,

First, thank you for your interest in our Likno products.

1. All Themes/Examples that are inside the TRIAL are available to you for FREE after you purchase. The additional ones (that you can purchase) are not inside the TRIAL, so now you know which ones you get for free and which not.  Here you will find all paid ADDITIONAL ones:

2. Same answer, the ones that are inside the TRIAL you also get them for FREE after you purchase (note: do not forget to also check the "Sliding Menu Add-in" when purchasing, otherwise this feature will not be enabled):

Sliding Menu Add-in

3. You have plenty of options with AllWebMenus. The default option is what you actually need. You just compile the project, which creates a "menu.js" file along with the "awmdata" folder (menu libraries and images), you upload these online and you only need to LINK the menu.js file to the tons of pages where you want this menu to be inserted (if you use a template then this is easy, you just add the "menu-linking" code inside the template and you are done). The advantage of this methodology is that when you make changes to the menu you only need to recompile the "menu.js" and upload it online (along with the "awmdata" folder if updated libraries exist), you will not need to re-edit your tons of pages.

I hope I explained well what you needed to know.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Aris Filokostas
Likno Customer Support
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