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Initial Email Subject: Trouble with TABBED MENU 
Support Case Month: May 2013


I am still having problems with the tabbed menus.

If you will look at the referenced URL, {URL REMOVED}, and compare it to the {URL REMOVED} you will see a discrepancy between the two that are supposed to be the same.

When I inspect the <div> with Firebug in the ResponsiveRetro.html, the problem appears to be that the Tab Header Area width is expanding to 1154px, whereas the  same inspection of the SynEcomm.html page shows that same area is expanding to  692px.

I have the CSS set to "auto" in both menus.

Can you advise?


Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear John,

This happens because in your “master.css” you have given a “width: 100%;” to the container <div>. The tab control just fills the container <div>.

tabs css properties 

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Reply From: John

Hello Kostas,

Thank you.

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