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I want to thank you for making such great products. I own three of your products and use them in many of my sites for years. I am an active customer and fan. Great work!

I just bought your Tabs Builder, which I am happy with except I have one big concern and that is the page length. If you go to the URL provided, please click the REVIEWS tab. You'll see I have quite a lot of reviews to show. This makes the page long. On other tabs, I will have much less content. I do not want a massive scroll bar and tons of blank space under the text of the short pages. Is there a way to have the active tab only scroll as far as is needed? Then if a larger page tab is selected, the page will scroll as needed? 
This is important to me as lots of dead space looks unprofessional in my opinion. SEO is critical as well. All my tabs need the content to be seen by spiders.
Many, many thanks!


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Likno Customer Support

Hello Rich,

Here is the solution!

tabs height settings

I also want to thank you for your nice comments. They are very encouraging for our morale and continuous efforts to make our products better.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Aris Filokostas
Likno Customer Support
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Reply From: Rich

Perfect! Thanks for the quick reply. That did the job. Also, I will be sure to leave my positive feedback about you and your products when I see opportunities to. I am truly a fan!

Best Regards,


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