We just released a new Build (#128) for Likno Web Tabs Builder, which enables a "SlideShow" behavior for the tabs!

Check out What's New:

- Added the "Play Tabs" feature, which allows the tab control to behave as a "SlideShow", meaning that its tabs can show automatically (one at a time) after some seconds. Some options you can use:

- When the user puts the mouse over the tab headers or body the "slideshow" can pause.

- By increasing the "Delay" you can make your tabs show longer before they close for their next tab to open.

- Through the "Direction" property you can make your tabs show in "random" order or even in "reverse" order (going backwards).

- Through the "Loop" property you can make the "slideshow" start over when the final tab is reached (or vice versa if "Direction" is "Reverse"). Obviously this option has no effect if the "Direction" is set to "Random".

- Some bug fixes.

You can download the latest version at:

- Added many interface enhancements for a better look & feel.

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