Hello! We have released a new version of Likno Web Scroller (jQuery Slider) Builder: Version 1.0 build #116.

Check out What's New

- Added the "Item Modal" tab in "Project Items (F2)" with the ability to show a Modal Window when the user clicks on a scroller item, either using an "internal modal window engine" or the "Likno Web Modal Windows Builder" engine (separate product).

scroller modal window

- Added the "%page_links%" variable to the available variables (%current_page%, %total_pages%) of the "Show Page Numbers (Custom)" option of the Navigation Bar.

scroller page links variable

- Updated the "Use both Text/HTML and Image values (shows both)" option to properly function for the "Item Tooltip" and "Item Modal" features.

- Updated the "Sample Code (F4)" area to show the related code of certain configurations.

- Added the "Show Scroller Only" and the "Background Color" to the "detached" Preview Pane (soon to be added to the "attached" Preview Pane too).

scroller preview background

- Added automatic correction for older projects that did not have the "Bullets" and "Spacer" Navigation Bar CSS Classes.

- Fixed a case where the Navigation Bar would appear floating on page when it was positioned into an area that did not exist.

- Fixed the "Item Tooltip" feature to correctly handle the "AJAX" & "External" (URL) sources.

- Fixed the "with acceleration (on hold)" feature, which allows the user to hold the mouse clicked on a navigation arrow and have the scroller items accelerate their movement.

- Fixed an issue where the "Play on Page Load (automatically)" option did not work in IE.

- Fixed a bug related to missing images.

- Fixed "Example 3" to have proper spacing.

- Fixed the DIV custom population classes to work properly.

- Fixed the Navigation Arrows to always stay on top of the content.

- Several minor interface improvements.

All features here: http://www.likno.com/jquery-scroller/index.php

Download the new version of our web scroller (jquery slider) builder at http://www.likno.com/jquery-scroller/download.php