After you have installed your AllWebMenus Pro application, you need to activate it in order to get the full functionality; otherwise it will be in trial mode!

To activate AllWebMenus Pro you need to get an Activation Code based on the Installation ID of your application. To get an Activation Code, you have to log in to your Likno User Area account and click on the related link of the AllWebMenus section (see the image below):

Then you will be directed to a page where you will have to choose your license and enter the Installation ID so as to get the Activation Code. Please make sure that you have chosen the correct license, namely the license whose the Installation ID you are using (see the image below). If  you try to get an Activation Code for a license different from the installed one you will get an error message which will inform you that your installation is not valid and you will not be able to activate your application.

To get your Installation ID and enter it in the input field (see image above), you have to go to "Help -> Enter Activation Code" menu of your AllWebMenus application.

This is where you will also paste the Activation Code (that you got from the online page) and click the Activate button (see image below):

Well done! This successfully activates your AllWebMenus installation.

Note: You must have "full" admin rights to be able to activate your application. Such rights are not required for working with AllWebMenus, they are needed only for the activation process. So, if a Windows popup appears you need to allow AllWebMenus to make changes (this gives "full" admin rights).