AllWebMenus Pro version 5.1 Build #764 released. Check out what’s new in this version:

- A 3rd style (Style+) is now available for all submenus and items of 3rd level and beyond. This allows for many new interesting capabilities, like different appearance on last submenus, advanced behavior on sliding menus and more!

Available Menu Style

Style+ example

Available Styles menu

(sliding menus taking advantage of Style+):

Sliding Menu 2 Sliding Menu 1

- Added more "Copy & Paste" options in Style Editor, for quicker transfer of edited values to other styles.

copy & paste values

- Enhanced the "Assign Style" functionality for easier style assignments.

Assign Menu Style

- New versions of Addins included inside AllWebMenus.

- New free Themes added that use the Style+ (3rd style) capability: Juice, FlatSky, Fading Purple, Orange Bubbles.

Juice Menu Theme

Flatsky Menu Theme

Fading Purple Menu Theme

Orange Bubbles Menu Theme

- Theme Pack 36 also available in Theme Gallery that uses the Style+ (3rd style) capability.

Menu Theme Pack 36

- Fixed an issue on IE8-RC1 when submenus used unfolding effects.

- Fixed an issue with the <Item Text> property, which caused the application to crash when it had a very large text.

Download the new build of the software from or from your Likno User Area account.

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In order to enhance the "Mouse Over" and "Mouse Click" states of the items of your JavaScript Menu, there is the "Formatting Mode" option that you can select in the <Text> property of the item.

The "Formatting Mode" option allows you to include simple HTML tags in the text used for the item that will enhance the effects in the three different states of the item.

Based on the suggestion of a customer, here is an example where the first letter of the item's text changes color on the "Mouse Over" and "Mouse Click" state:

In the <Text> property of the second main item (Main Item 2), we have included the following code:

In that case, the menu will appear as follows (check the effect in the "Main Item 2"):

If you wish to see this in action, you can download the AllWebMenus DHTML Menu Maker from our website:

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