- Added an option in Open File, in order to load ".awt" files (Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees projects)

drop-down menu trees

- Improved support of the BASE attribute in the html of a page. (IE only)

- Added 30 new IE* submenu effects for the "Group Appears - How" and "Group Disappears - How" properties (new effects are shown in brackets):

[Barn Horizontal In], [Barn Horizontal In], Barn Horizontal Out,
[Barn Vertical In], [Barn Vertical Out], [Blinds Down], [Blinds Left], Blinds Right,
[Blinds Up], [Checker Board Down], [Checker Board Left], Checker Board Right,
[Checker Board Up], Fade, Iris - Circle In, [Iris - Circle Out], Iris - Cross In,
[Iris - Cross Out], [Iris - Diamond In], [Iris - Diamond Out], Iris - Plus In,
[Iris - Plus Out], Iris - Square In, [Iris - Square Out], Iris - Star In,
[Iris - Star Out], Pixelate, Radial Wipe Clock, [Radial Wipe Radial],
[Radial Wipe Wedge], Random Bars Horizontal, [Random Bars Vertical],
Random Dissolve, Slide Hide, [Slide Swap], Spiral, [Stretch Hide], Stretch Spin,
[Strips Left Down], [Strips Left Up], [Strips Right Down], [Strips Right Up]

* The above effects are supported by IE only (the "unfolding" effect is used on other browsers instead).

- Sliding Menu Add-in: The "Remember the menu state" option is now using a "session" cookie. This makes the sliding menu return to its initial state when the user completes her session.

- Fixed an issue with items that had left or right image and did not show properly in some cases. (IE8 and Mozilla)

- Fixed an issue where the "Javascript Command" on Mouse Click did not work properly when the "Link" property also had a value. (IE only)

- Fixed an issue with the "Remember State" option on sliding menus when the menu filename contained spaces.

- Fixed an issue with menu filenames that include a space or "-" (javascript errors appeared in such a case). New versions of all Server-Side related add-ins also released that fix this issue.

- Fixed an issue with Right-to-Left pages: an unexpected scrollbar appeared.

- Fixed an issue in sliding menus: when "Remember State" was selected the "Ignore the Link value of parent items" did not work properly.

- Fixed an issue with sliding menus (IE only) where a javascript error appeared when a sliding menu folded (in some cases only).