Hey everybody!

We are happy to inform you that the latest version of AllWebMenus - v5.2 build #804 - has been released!

Check out the new features and fixes added in this version:

- New "SEO CSS Menu Addin": Create SEO friendly menus (dropdown menus or sliding menus) through "sitemap-based SEO" or "on-page SEO". read more

- Themes and Examples are now combined into a single form.

- Added a new example (mega drop-down menu) into the application.

- The interface now remembers the last selected tab in the "UL/LI structure" form.

- Fixed an issue (IE6 only) where the "Hide Fix" for hiding "select boxes" didn't work properly.

- Fixed an issue where if an image was used along with text in an item, the image did not properly align vertically.

- Fixed an issue where a warning appeared in firefox 3.5 regarding -moz-opacity css declaration.

- Fixed an issue with the "Auto Highlight" feature: a sliding submenu was not opening if its parent item was clicked (and page was changing).

- Fixed a menu positioning issue when the "UL/LI" option was used: the menu was not positioned correctly on its positioning element.

- Added support for the "onclick event" and "link target" on "UL/LI" menu structures.

You can download the latest version at