These are the new features and fixes introduced in version 5.1.752 of AllWebMenus Web Menu Maker (released on October 6th, 2008):

- The <Item Text Font> property has been enhanced. You can now add and use custom font groups on your projects.

allwebmenus menu item text font

- Fixed an issue with the <Appears - Where> property on old .awm projects (in some cases it could read a wrong value for this property).

- Fixed an issue on Gecko-related browsers, where in some cases the <Item Border> property caused the border to appear outside its submenu group.

- New version 2.0.6 of the Server-Side Menus API released. The following additional properties are now fully supported by the API:

Appears How
Aligns With
Horizontal Widen group
Left margin of Horizontal Widen group
Right margin of Horizontal Widen group

Has Separator