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Support Case Month: March 2012
Initial Email Subject: Menubar

Initial Email From: Debbie


While previewing the website, each time I click on another page, the menu disappears for a minute and then shows back up again.  Any suggestions?

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Debbie,

I see that you have added an “appearance” effect in the menu, which is why you see it unfolding downwards when changing the page.

If you do not want this to happen, please remove it from the related option:

menu appears how - effects

Also, please note that the menu may take a second to build (depending on the size) so this small delay when the page is loading may be natural.

Best Regards,
Likno Customer Support
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Hello everyone!

We wanted to inform you that we have released the latest version of AllWebMenus - version 5.3 build 826!

Check out what's new in this version:

- Added some GUI enhancements regarding sliding groups.

- The application now remembers the height of the "Style Preview" window when it closes and opens again.

- Fixed an IE8 issue where the menu positioned itself one pixel more to the left.

- Fixed an issue with sliding groups and scrollbar: a sliding group was higher than it should be when it had a scrollbar.

- Fixed an issue with groups that had at least one "Has Submenu Image" on their items. The width of the items that did not have the "Has Submenu Image" was not calculated properly and in some cases the overall width of the group was shorter than it should be.

- Fixed an IE8 issue with "Unfolding 1 and 2" effects causing an error if no doctype was declared on the page.

- Fixed an Opera issue where a sliding menu was not shown properly if its "Appears" or "Disappears" property had a special effect ("Unfolding 1 and 2").

- Fixed an Opera issue where the width of a vertical menu was wider than expected when a "Has Submenu Image" was used on its items.

- Fixed an issue where the GUI didn't permit the use of a hyphen "-" in a menu name.

Important! The activation process has been changed to better support non-admin cases. Therefore, when you install Build #822 (or above) over Build #820 (or below) you need to retrieve a new Activation Code from your User Area. It is important to clarify that this action does NOT reduce the remaining Activation Codes for your license.

You can download the latest version of AllWebMenus at:

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We are happy to announce that we have released AllWebMenus version 5.1 build #776.

See here what's new in this build:

- Optimized the produced javascripts when any of the extra "Appears/Disappears" effects is used.

- Fixed an issue with the FrontPage Plugin when opening a menu which contained strange characters (like "a" with umlaut).

- Fixed an issue in IE6 where a javascript error appeared if a calculated width was less than zero.

For more info on releases, please visit

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