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Initial Email Subject: Different height/width modal window 
Support Case Month: August 2013


I have a modal window project and I need to open the modal window in different width/height each time. How can I do that with your new data-lwmw-width and data-lwmw-height attributes?


Reply From: Likno Customer Support


You can call (open) the modal window in different width/height as:

<a href="#" target="Modal_Window_1" data-lwmw-width="500px" data-lwmw-height="40%">Open Modal Window (500px width)</a>

and you can have another element that opens the same modal window in different dimensions.

<a href="#" target="Modal_Window_1" data-lwmw-width="auto" data-lwmw-height="auto">Open Modal Window (auto)</a>

and so on, you can use different width/height values each time you call the modal window.

The above links will open the modal window with a width of 500px and height of 40% in the first case and with auto width and auto height in the second case.

or if you use an ID or a Class to trigger the modal window

<span id="Modal_Window_1" data-lwmw-width="500px" data-lwmw-height="40%">Open Modal Window (500px width)</span>

<p id="Modal_Window_1" data-lwmw-width="auto" data-lwmw-height="auto">Open Modal Window (auto)</p>

<span class="Modal_Window_1" data-lwmw-width="500px" data-lwmw-height="40%">Open Modal Window (500px width)</span>

<p class="Modal_Window_1" data-lwmw-width="auto" data-lwmw-height="auto">Open Modal Window (auto)</p>

You can also use TD, DIV, IMG, INPUT to trigger the modal window.

For the data-lwmw-width and data-lwmw-height you can have any value you want as long it is px or % or you can have it as auto.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Aggelos Tsakonas
Likno Customer Support
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