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Support Case Month: October 2012


I have been using AllWebMenus since version 3, and have recently updated another years updates. I also thought it would be good to try the sliding menus add-on, even though $80 is a great deal of money when converted to South African Rand. Unfortunately I'm a little disappointed, and, wish I'd rather tried the web scroller builder or modal builder.

The problem is, it just jumps, and leaves the person confused and having to back-track. I'll explain: I've left my early menu on the testbed page (above). If you mouse over 'supplier pages', 5 suppliers scroll down - so far very nice. Scrolling onto the first of these, 'Faulhaber', 2 choices scroll down; still okay. Scrolling off the bottom of these to the next supplier, 'Rose & Krieger', the 'Faulhaber' sub menu closes and the mouse loses position and stays on the 4th supplier, leaving the watcher blinking what happened, and then having to scroll back up to 'Rose & Krieger'.  Not really the effect you want when trying to impress a client, and I won't use it as it is.

I can supply the .awm file in case you think I have missed a tag or setting.  What I think should happen, or maybe you can add an option to do this, is have the mouse pointer jump back an equivalent distance when the sub-menu closes (in the above example, the pointer stays on the 'Rose & Kreiger' supplier after the sub-menu has closed.

In the meantime, I have gone back to a standard opening menu (above site, not in the testbed directory.



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Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Dear Peter,

We understand what you say about the sliding menu and how this can be a problem. Still this is only a problem when you set the submenus to open on mouse-over. This is the reason why you almost never see sliding menus out there opening on mouse-over (to be frank, initially we thought of not even offering this option). I am afraid that it is not possible to move the mouse pointer as this would be considered a security breach and even if it was possible it would probably be even more confusing for the user.

My suggestion is that you set your submenus to open on click in order to avoid all these issues. You may also want to add a sliding effect to make the transition from one submenu to the next even smoother. You can have a look at our online sliding-menu example to get an idea of how this would work:

Likno Customer Support
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